We must understand how our children are being indoctrinated in public schools!


Exposing truths and consequences of tolerance, social justice, and gender equality in public schools

A well researched guide to understand the BATTLEGROUND for the MINDS OF OUR YOUTH


Are you aware of what's happening in our public schools... especially in states with "SOGI" (Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity) curriculum?

(Like California, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, District of Columbia and more)

If you believe in the nuclear family, traditional institutions, morality and biblical values... you need to know the truth! 

Quick Background

When I volunteered to create A Parent's Guide to Christian vs. Public Education in California for my daughter's school this summer as part of their new website project (because Covid-19 had wiped out my business), I had no idea what I was about to discover. 

Unless you are already well-versed on laws affecting our public school system, some will surprise you and many will shock you... especially when you learn how they are sexualizing children as young as 4 years old in several states! 

This goes way beyond a local school district. This is a national problem and most people have no idea how this radical leftist ideology is being pushed on our kids by teachers we are supposed to trust. This is not to say that there aren't amazing teachers. There are! But more and more are being required to follow the curriculum changes in order to keep their jobs, even if it goes against their personal beliefs and convictions.


There is a Much Bigger Agenda

Marxists set their sights on destroying America in the early 1930's in order to establish global Marxism. They have been intentionally and strategically at work over the past 90 years! 

I can't believe I was not fully aware!

I was a public school parent just two years ago, K-8.  How could I be so uninformed??

Are you?

I recommend you grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and settle in for some very enlightening and disturbing content. I've published the results of my extensive research to connect the dots in the digital magazine below.

I guarantee it will challenge you and open your eyes, just as it did for me.


Read the Guide

Marxist, Max Horkheimer argued in 1923 about the destruction of Western culture to attain global Marxism, saying that:

"The nuclear family, traditional institutions, traditional morality and concepts of race, gender and sexual identity are the chains of tyranny which must be broken by revolution."

See how Horkheimer's beliefs have been implemented below.

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Education vs. Indoctrination

Exposing Truths and Consequences of Tolerance, Social Justice and Gender Equality in Public Schools

The Battleground for the Minds of Our Youth

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Short on time? 

Read pages 3 and 4 for key takeaways and skim the table of contents on pages 5 and 6 for a good overview.

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About Me

Meet Terri Podlenski, M.A.

I am a Christ-follower, wife, mom of an amazing daughter in 11th grade, and a business owner. 

My company operates two brands. Standout Event Marketing provides event marketing and design for multiple big name brands and franchises. Get Noticed by Design is my passion of online platform development that helps my clients build a business or ministry they love that makes a difference, makes money and magnifies God.

My calendar was PACKED with conventions through October... and then... Covid-19 made its entrance!

Suddenly, about 90% of my business came to a screeching halt when all live events were cancelled.

So when I was asked to consult on a new website project for my daughter's school, my calendar was "miraculously" open.

If it hadn't been for Covid, I would not have been able to even think about the school project, let alone embark on four+ weeks of intense research and create a 48-page "magazine" about it.

But God had an assignment for me. I didn't realize that what I was volunteering to do would be the most important thing I have produced thus far.

God has taken my love for learning and research; my talent for pulling pieces together; and my ability to package it up into something that is easy and enjoyable to consume in order to communicate a very important message. . . one that aims to protect children and gives Him glory.

I pray you will read it, digest it, share it and VOTE! 

Make your voice heard and share truth with those in your circle of influence.

Stand with me!

Let's unite in the fight against indoctrination in our public schools.

Our children and the future of our nation are at stake!

Yes, I stand with you!


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