Step Up & Stand Out . . . For Such a Time as This

purpose visibility Aug 12, 2020

As a Christian entrepreneur or influencer in business or ministry:

  • Do you believe God cares if you're successful or not?
  • Does He want you to love your work?
  • Does He want you to be visible in the marketplace so you attract more customers and sell more products and services?

You bet He does!

If He created you to be an entrepreneur, then He wants you to be a good one! Afterall, you represent Him in the marketplace. And He's in the attraction business!

He wants you to stand out, be attractive, thrive and gain influence for His glory. To have influence means that people are following you and listening to you.

Are you worth following?

How are you standing out to the people you want to serve? Do you see a bigger purpose for your work beyond the service you provide? Are you going all in? Or playing small?

Obviously, you can’t have a thriving business or ministry without paying customers. And in my experience as a brand impact strategist and designer, I see many business owners and...

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