A Volunteer Project Uncovers Dangerous Indoctrination in Public Schools

When things take an unexpected turn, you never know what God may have in mind...

The Great Reset

Like so many people, Covid wiped out about 90% of my business during what is usually my busiest season of the year...providing marketing and design services for multiple big brand franchise conventions and corporate incentive trips. My calendar was PACKED through October with conventions...and then there were none.

So when a friend asked me to consult on a new website project for my daughter's Christian school, I was "suddenly" available. 

One of my recommendations was to create a "Lead Magnet" for building a quality email list. They liked my idea of a free Parent's Guide to Christian vs. Public Education in California, so I volunteered to do the research and write and design it. I set out to provide an honest and balanced exposition on the subject, in a fairly concise format, so parents could make an informed decision about their children's education. Little did I know, the...

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