Branding YOU as the Product

I had the honor and privilege to speak for the Christian Women in Media “Zoom Power Hour” on August 13, 2020 as the Professional Equipping segment. I spoke on Branding for Impact for seven short, information-packed minutes.

Afterwards, CWIMA member, Cassandra Hollis emailed me a question and has given me permission to share our e-conversation with you:

“I am a Christian Actor and understand branding in terms

of how I show up on set, and even to a degree on Social Media.

What advice do you give to Actors like me

who are the 'product' that they are branding?"

Great question! I had to sit back and think about it for a minute as I’ve never had an actor as a client, but I realized that the same branding principles I always teach apply.

5 Brand Clarity Points 

Before you set out to market yourself, your product or your service, you must have crystal clear clarity on five things:

  1. Who you are;
  2. The problem you solve;
  3. The people you best...
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