Branding YOU as the Product

I had the honor and privilege to speak for the Christian Women in Media “Zoom Power Hour” on August 13, 2020 as the Professional Equipping segment. I spoke on Branding for Impact for seven short, information-packed minutes.

Afterwards, CWIMA member, Cassandra Hollis emailed me a question and has given me permission to share our e-conversation with you:

“I am a Christian Actor and understand branding in terms

of how I show up on set, and even to a degree on Social Media.

What advice do you give to Actors like me

who are the 'product' that they are branding?"

Great question! I had to sit back and think about it for a minute as I’ve never had an actor as a client, but I realized that the same branding principles I always teach apply.

5 Brand Clarity Points 

Before you set out to market yourself, your product or your service, you must have crystal clear clarity on five things:

  1. Who you are;
  2. The problem you solve;
  3. The people you best serve;
  4. How solving the problem makes their life or business better; and
  5. Why you are the best solution for them.

If you’re not clear on these things, there’s no way the people you’re marketing to will be either. You'll just get lost in the scroll.

So I gave her some things to think about and ask herself: 

  • What do people get when they hire you? What are they really looking for? (Is it the type of person you are, what you’re like to work with… not just your acting talent?)
  • What would make them hire you over someone else who is equally qualified?
  • What makes you the best choice for them? (Think values, certain experiences, background, etc.)
  • Know what they care about and what they ultimately want and speak to being the solution they’re looking for.
  • Is there an area you specialize in, where you really shine?
  • Is there a certain genre, special talent or specific thing you’re most hired for?
  • What would make you stand out head and shoulders among other actors being considered for a role/job?

Speak to What Your Audience Wants

People go looking for you because they have a problem to solve. Do they care about your skill-set? Absolutely. But what they care about more is how your skill-set will help them get what they want.

For example, I am currently rebranding my company into two distinct brands as "dba's" that serve two distinct audiences. Since they have very different needs and pain points, I cannot speak to them the same way. I still use my skills and experience for both audiences, but the benefit of them to the customer is different because their desired outcomes are different. Here's how that plays out in initial messaging.

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You’ll notice my messaging is about the customer, not about me, so I need to understand what matters to them and how I help them. Most people get this wrong.

It’s simple in concept, but not easy to do. 

Just do your part as best you can and trust the Lord to open doors.

Cassandra got it, saying, “Wow!! Very helpful! Love your messaging and I actually understand how that translates to what I do as an actor. Thank you for explaining it so well.”

I hope it’s helpful to you, too!


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