A Volunteer Project Uncovers Dangerous Indoctrination in Public Schools

When things take an unexpected turn, you never know what God may have in mind...

The Great Reset

Like so many people, Covid wiped out about 90% of my business during what is usually my busiest season of the year...providing marketing and design services for multiple big brand franchise conventions and corporate incentive trips. My calendar was PACKED through October with conventions...and then there were none.

So when a friend asked me to consult on a new website project for my daughter's Christian school, I was "suddenly" available. 

One of my recommendations was to create a "Lead Magnet" for building a quality email list. They liked my idea of a free Parent's Guide to Christian vs. Public Education in California, so I volunteered to do the research and write and design it. I set out to provide an honest and balanced exposition on the subject, in a fairly concise format, so parents could make an informed decision about their children's education. Little did I know, the...

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Branding YOU as the Product

I had the honor and privilege to speak for the Christian Women in Media “Zoom Power Hour” on August 13, 2020 as the Professional Equipping segment. I spoke on Branding for Impact for seven short, information-packed minutes.

Afterwards, CWIMA member, Cassandra Hollis emailed me a question and has given me permission to share our e-conversation with you:

“I am a Christian Actor and understand branding in terms

of how I show up on set, and even to a degree on Social Media.

What advice do you give to Actors like me

who are the 'product' that they are branding?"

Great question! I had to sit back and think about it for a minute as I’ve never had an actor as a client, but I realized that the same branding principles I always teach apply.

5 Brand Clarity Points 

Before you set out to market yourself, your product or your service, you must have crystal clear clarity on five things:

  1. Who you are;
  2. The problem you solve;
  3. The people you best...
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Step Up & Stand Out . . . For Such a Time as This

purpose visibility Aug 12, 2020

As a Christian entrepreneur or influencer in business or ministry:

  • Do you believe God cares if you're successful or not?
  • Does He want you to love your work?
  • Does He want you to be visible in the marketplace so you attract more customers and sell more products and services?

You bet He does!

If He created you to be an entrepreneur, then He wants you to be a good one! Afterall, you represent Him in the marketplace. And He's in the attraction business!

He wants you to stand out, be attractive, thrive and gain influence for His glory. To have influence means that people are following you and listening to you.

Are you worth following?

How are you standing out to the people you want to serve? Do you see a bigger purpose for your work beyond the service you provide? Are you going all in? Or playing small?

Obviously, you can’t have a thriving business or ministry without paying customers. And in my experience as a brand impact strategist and designer, I see many business owners and...

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