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Meet Terri Podlenski, M.A.

Brand Impact Strategist & Designer for Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs

I'm on a mission to cultivate entrepreneurial success stories for God's glory... where Christians show up with excellence, stand out in the marketplace, prosper in their profession and live out their God-given purpose and potential through the work they do.



An entrepreneur since 1990 with a Master's in Business, I have worn every hat imaginable, co-founded and operated a nonprofit outreach ministry for 12 years and have been on both sides of the platform-building business over the past 25+ years...building one with my former business partner and helping others build theirs since 2007.

The problem is, I haven't put the time and attention into building my own! So when I talk about being the best kept secret, I know exactly what that means!

I have enjoyed a solid repeat and referral-based business for over 13 years and am trusted by multiple big name brands and franchises through my other brand, Standout Event Marketing.

But I’m most passionate about equipping and empowering kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, experts and ministry leaders to increase their influence and impact in the marketplace. 

What makes me different from other branding and marketing folks?

Well, I’m a creative who understands business. So think “Business strategy meets messaging and design.” Couple that with nonstop learning and a burning desire for God’s people to live out their potential and you have an impact-driven guide on your side!

I love to dig deep below the surface of you and your business and get to the heart and soul of what you do, why it matters and who you are called to serve.

Once we know that, we can package and position your services and expertise to attract clients you love, get paid what you’re worth, and build a business or ministry of real impact. One that makes a difference, makes money and magnifies God.


I live in San Diego with my husband and teenage daughter. We love Salsa dancing in our living room, walks on the beach, family movie nights and being in music ministry together at our church.

I currently serve on two nonprofit boards as President of Professional Christian Women’s Connection, advisor to Mary James Ministries and am co-founding a new ministry called InPowered Women and a Next Level Kingdom Builders Mastermind. Surrounding myself with amazing people and a team makes it all possible.

"Terri is a Discovery expert when it comes to Brand and Purpose. After 15 years in ministry, I finally took the time to dig in, fine tune, and better understand the heart of my ministry. Even after seeking council from various "Pros" in the industry, it was Terri and her skilled questioning of my motives that drove me to the most accurate definition of what I am called to offer to others - the thing that anchors the purpose of my ministry. And what makes her different is that she cares so much! So if you need someone who goes above and beyond the call, shares your passion, enthusiasm, and aims to help you influence the lives of others, Terri will not only provide you with the knowledge, skills and excellence needed to achieve your goals, but the heart we all need when making decisions that are meant to impact the lives of others."

Mary James - Mary James Ministries
Christian Artist, Worship Leader, Speaker, Writer and 5-Time Inspirational Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year

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